Section 10 Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Mentorship: participate as a mentor or a mentee in our membership program
  • Awards: apply for cash prize competitions for best poster and best paper presentation at the annual APA convention
  • Convention programming: attend symposia we have designed specifically for graduate students and early career psychologists
  • Internship resources: tap into our network of early career psychologists who have recently completed internships across the country, via an internship database and interview question bank that are currently in development
  • Publications: gain a publication by contributing a brief article to our blog, and enjoy reading what others have published on issues relevant to you
  • List serv: obtain access to announcements that advertise professional opportunities
  • Leadership: run for a position on the Board or pilot a new project

Become a Member

Become a member of both Division 12 AND Section 10 by clicking JOIN and completing the enrollment form.