Congratulations to the 2020 Fellows

Current Fellows

Dr. Matthew Ubben
Dr. Jennifer Kelly
Dr. Brian Hall
Dr. Gayle Iwamasa
Dr. Ken Bohm

Initial Fellows

Dr. Dustin Wygant
Dr. Kathi Borden

A full list of current fellows is available here.

Fellows in Division 12

The Fellowship Application Portal will open soon!

Initial Fellows must apply via the APA Online Portal.  Information below

Fellows who are currently already Fellows in another Division, please submit your CV and a brief Statement on why you want to become a Fellow of Division 12 to the Division 12 Central Office at division12apa@gmail.com.


The Society of Clinical Psychology, APA Division 12, welcomes within its membership psychologists who are interested in and who identify with the field of clinical psychology—its practice, research, service, and/or missions. Besides being an esteemed member of Division 12, there are within our Society those who should be considered to be nominated and elected to fellow status.  Many such members have not taken steps to apply for fellow status. Sometimes this is due to extreme modesty in evaluating one’s own achievements, intimidation by the thought of the application process and being reviewed by peers, modesty in asking others for endorsement, or simply time constraints. Yet becoming a fellow of Division 12 holds many rewards and benefits well worth applying and focusing on successful election to fellow status.  There are two categories of fellow status: initial fellows and current fellows. Initial fellows are those who have not yet been elected to fellow status in any APA division and need to apply for this in the division. Endorsements by three fellows is required.  Current fellows are those who, having been fellowed by another division, can state how their work and experiences also qualify them to become fellows of Division 12.  All members who are not yet Division 12 fellows nor fellows of any other division need to consider applying for fellow status in Division 12. All who are Division 12 fellows are encouraged to give a helping hand to deserving potential fellows who might otherwise be overlooked: Nominate others who should be recognized for their outstanding and unusual clinical research, practice, or services.

What are the benefits and rewards of becoming a fellow of the Society of Clinical Psychology? The deserved recognition, appreciation, and greater visibility of one’s research, practices, and service by one’s peers are highly important to most of us. Research can certainly be disseminated without being a fellow, but having one’s work seen in the light of becoming a fellow within the Society of Clinical Psychology burns a far brighter and visible light on one’s accomplishments and achievements. Often the more modest members within our Society feel overlooked and even isolated by the lack of colleagues recognizing and appreciating one’s work and nominating him or her for fellow status.  The networking and cross-research connections may be much increased when members become fellows. Collegiality is usually increased as fellows more identify with the field and their contributions to clinical psychology. Greater opportunities to share what one has done in clinical psychology usually come with fellow status.  Often more opportunities to enter divisional offices come after one is fellowed.

Fellows are often more sought for mentors of peers and early career psychologists, as well as in teaching and advisor capacities. Fellows have often been cited and referenced before being  fellowed but may find even more of such citations and references after their fellow status has been achieved.  Sometimes our members overlook Division 12 sectional interest groups, such as sections on children, women’s issues, ethnic minority issues, and research. Special achievement within these groups may well merit fellow nomination and election. Further, opportunities for intra- and interdivisional interests may foster new opportunities and challenges for research, practice, and publication. Our Society has more abundant and untapped talents and skills than we have sufficiently appreciated and that need to be acknowledged.  The greater collegiality and sense of appreciation by peers in adding deserving fellows to the Division enhances division cohesiveness and solidarity and contributes to the strength of the field of clinical psychology itself. Look in the mirror and at your colleagues and nominate the worthy for fellows!

More information for Applying for Fellowship can be found at the links below:

APA Fellows Page

On the APA Fellows page there are a number of resources for Fellow applicants, endorsers and Fellow Chairs.

The resources are:

Congratulations to the 2019 Fellows

Current Fellows

Adam Leventhal, Ph.D.
Eva Feindler, Ph.D.
K. Mark Sossin, Ph.D.
Robert Kinscherff, Ph.D., Esq.

Initial Fellows

Steven D. Hollon, Ph.D.
Nicholas L. Salsman, Ph.D.

A full list of current fellows is available here.