2024 Fellowship Applications ARE CLOSED

THE SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Division 12 of APA (SCP) invites applications for Fellow status

Why you may want to become a fellow of SCP

The Society of Clinical Psychology welcomes within its membership psychologists who are interested in and who identify with the field of clinical psychology—its practice, research, service, instruction, supervision, consulting, mentoring, and/or other missions. The Society encourages members who have made significant contributions to these missions to apply for fellow status in the Division. Fellow status is a way for the division to showcase the contributions that our division makes both within APA and to the general public. Most importantly it is a way to identify and honor individuals for their exceptional work and contribution to clinical psychology.

Being recognized as a SCP fellow may well increase the visibility of your work, may provide greater opportunities to share your work or develop collaborations. Fellows are often sought for mentors of peers and early career psychologists, as well as in teaching and advisor capacities. Fellows are encouraged to become active in the division and help shape the division’s mission.

What do you need to do to become a fellow of SCP?

The requirement for fellow status is to provide documentation showing outstanding contributions in either clinical research, practice, or other services at a state, regional, national or international level. Thus, this level is most often achieved during mid-career or beyond.

The applicant identifies their relevant achievements and asks three current SCP Fellows to review the application and provide letters of support attesting to those achievements.

If you are considering applying, the current SCP Fellows Committee members are available to provide advice and guidance thru the process. Do not hesitate to ask current Fellows (listed on the APA website) for assistance in evaluating when it would be appropriate to apply and to ask for letters of endorsement during the process. All current fellows have gone through this process and understand the requirements. Current fellows want to encourage others who have reached this point in their career to receive this honor.

NOTE to CURRENT FELLOWS: please bring this opportunity to the attention of SCP members you know who are ready for this recognition but who may not realize they need to apply for it or who need to be encouraged to apply, and please offer to write them a letter of support as some individuals are reluctant to make that request.

What is the PROCESS of application to be a fellow in APA?

Applications for fellow status in APA (in any division) are reviewed first at the level of a division committee. Those recommendations are then submitted to the APA Fellows committee who gives final approval for fellow status, which is specifically for the division of APA that has recommended the individual.

If you are a member of SCP and already a current fellow in another APA division, you can apply specifically to add fellow status for SCP because you have already been reviewed previously. Please send your CV and a brief statement highlighting 3 to 5 points demonstrating the relevance of your professional contributions to the specific mission of SCP to the SCP Central Office at division12apa@gmail.com

If you are a member of SCP and this is your first application to be an APA fellow,

you can apply via the APA Online Portal which is now open. You will need to provide your CV and a statement of no longer than 2 pages, outlining your specific professional contributions (which may involve research relevant to clinical issues, development of interventions, training/dissemination of clinical services, work involving mental health policies, etc.) to demonstrate how these achievements serve and significantly promote the aims of SCP. This 2-page document should include an introductory paragraph about yourself and a bulleted list of your accomplishments in the field of clinical psychology. In addition, you will need to submit letters of support from three current fellows of SCP. All materials must be electronic and uploaded to the Online Portal.

Additional information can be found at the links below:

APA Fellows Page : this page includes the following:

Suggestions for APA Fellows Application, presented at APA 2018 (PDF, 635KB)

Instructions for initial fellow applicants (PDF, 846KB).

Instructions for endorsers (PDF, 701KB).

Sample fellows endorsement letter (PDF, 77KB)

The Deadline for both types of applications (and for letters of support) for SCP Fellow Status is December 1, 2023. The APA Fellows committee meets in August at the annual convention and provides a final review of division recommendations, If approved by the APA committee you will be notified at that point.

Please email the Society of Clinical Psychology Central Office at division12apa@gmail.com with any questions.

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