Presidential Column

President’s Column: Fall 2023

By J. Kim Penberthy, PhD, ABPP

I hope this message finds you well as we enter the remaining months of 2023!

I am writing with exciting updates regarding two major priorities of my presidency – the successful development of a strategic plan for SCP for the next three years and the announcement of our inaugural SCP Conference – “The Future of Clinical Psychological Science” to be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Emory Conference Center from February 1-3, 2024!

First, I will say thank you to the extensive number of people who helped with our strategic planning workgroups and committee! We had dozens of members from SCP and our sections, as well as other clinical and health psychologists work to help develop and refine goals for the next three years. These individuals worked extremely hard over multiple months and were incredibly successful in producing a solid document that can direct our future efforts. This is a plan that can help guide us through the next three years and build upon the strength of the work that the strategic planning workgroups and committee have produced. There will be more released soon regarding the big picture goals as well as the specifics of implementation – so be on the lookout!

Again, a huge thank you to the strategic planning workgroups and committee members!

Secondly, I am thrilled to invite you all to attend the Society of Clinical Psychology’s Inaugural Conference, themed “The Future of Clinical Psychological Science.” Our conference will explore the scientific foundations, novel approaches, innovative interventions, and pioneering research that will shape the field’s trajectory in the coming years.

The central theme of our inaugural conference speaks directly to our vision of progress and transformation. Our conference goals include:

  • Exploring Emerging Trends: Exploring the scientific foundations, novel approaches, innovative interventions, and pioneering research that will shape the field’s trajectory in the coming years.
  • Harnessing Technological Advancements: Examining the role of technology in clinical and health psychological science and explore how these innovations can enhance assessment, treatment, and research.
  • Ethics and Inclusivity: Engaging in thoughtful discussions about ethical considerations, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity in clinical practice and research to ensure that our field remains ethical, equitable, and compassionate.
  • Professional Networking: Creating a vibrant environment for professionals, students, and enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships that will further propel the field’s growth.

We will have a day of Institutes for Early and Mid-Career professionals with a focus on professional development and mentoring on February 1 followed by a CE presentation from Dr. Lynn Bufka, Associate Chief, Practice Transformation at American Psychological Association.

We will have a day and a half of CE programming on February 2 and 3, with keynotes from Dr. Barbara Rothbaum, Dr. Jennifer Tackett, Dr. Vonetta Dotson and Dr. Michael Otto along with programming from all of YOU!

We will have poster sessions and awards and encourage you to prompt your students and colleagues to respond to the call for proposals and posters! Please see the call for proposals and the registration at

We will have a social networking social event on Friday, February 2 with music and fun and look forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor! We are excited to celebrate clinical and health psychology as well as all of our sections and look forward to getting to socialize and visit during the Friday evening party.

We encourage each of you to check out the conference page online – sign up for the institutes if appropriate, submit a proposal (we have a huge variety of options for presentations, from 15 min talks to 60 min presentations), and register to attend! Please support your division and spread the word to colleagues!

The goal of this inaugural conference is to convene our SCP colleagues and clinical and health psychology professionals and trainees who are passionate about this area for a weekend of learning and dialogues about the future of clinical psychological science and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

We warmly encourage members to participate in this groundbreaking event and be a part of the conversations and collaborations that will sculpt the future landscape of clinical and health psychology. The Society of Clinical Psychology is dedicated to creating a future that is informed, innovative, ethical, and inclusive. Your insights, expertise, and contributions will be pivotal in advancing our collective understanding and in propelling the field of clinical psychological science forward.

Thank you for all you do,



Kim Penberthy, Ph.D., ABPP

President, The Society of Clinical Psychology