Uncovering Clinical Principles and Techniques to Address Stress, Mental Health & Related Health Risks Among Gay & Bisexual Men (With CE)


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pachankis-face-1Presenter: John Pachankis, PhD – Dr. Pachankis is an Associate Professor of Chronic Disease Epidemiology (Social and Behavioral Sciences division) at the Yale School of Public Health. Overview. Clear and consistent evidence suggests that gay and bisexual men are significantly more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders compared to heterosexual men and that these sexual orientation mental health disparities are explained by the disproportionate stigma-related stress experienced by gay and bisexual men. 21 expert mental health providers and 20 gay and bisexual men with depression and anxiety provided input into the translation of these above findings into the first evidence-based treatment package to reduce depression, anxiety, and related health conditions by reducing the processes through which minority stress impairs the mental and physical health of this population. Objectives. Participants will be able to (1) utilize therapeutic principles and techniques to adapt standard cognitive-behavioral approaches to specifically address the stigma-related stress faced by gay and bisexual men across development and (2) conceptualize clinical cases involving gay and bisexual men with attention to the psychosocial mechanisms through which minority stress adversely affects mental health. CE Credits Available: 1