DIAGNOSIS: Mixed Substance Use/Dependence
TREATMENT: Friends Care for Mixed Substance Use/Dependence

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Brief Summary

Friends Care for Mixed Substance Abuse/Dependence

Status: Modest Research Support


Friends Care is a 6 month aftercare program conducted in stand-alone community facilities. The structure and components of Friends Care are grounded in the findings from earlier continuing care studies and of community influences found to promote positive treatment outcomes. Individuals exiting substance abuse treatment programs are contacted up to one month prior to planned discharge to orient them to Friends Care, introduce them to aftercare staff with whom they will be working, and jointly develop preliminary aftercare plans. Services are offered by counselors under the direction of a supervisory case manager and place an emphasis on building community supports to drug free living.

In accord with procedures described in a detailed implementation manual (see below), all or some of the following services are provided at a frequency specified in the aftercare plan: (a) supportive counseling with review and strengthening of risk reduction behaviors and prosocial functioning; (b) case management services including skills building for obtaining needed resources; (c) work with client's spouse/ partner and relevant family; (d) obtaining/ maintaining employment through skills building in job finding and workplace demeanor; (e) affiliation with supportive community groups and organizations; (f) review of HIV prevention behaviors; and (g) crisis intervention, i.e., on-demand counseling for emergency situations.


Key References

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Clinical Resources

  • Brown, B.S.; Farrell, E.V., & Voskuhl, T.C. (1999). Manual for the Friends Care Program. Baltimore: Friends Research Inc. Available at no cost from FRI, 1040 Park Ave.-Suite 103, Baltimore, MD 21201.

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