Section Resources


Section Representatives:

Due January 3, 2024:

  1. Mid-Winter Agenda Items
  2. Section 2023 Annual Report

    Section Treasurers:

    Due Spring 2024

    1. Section Tax Worksheets (COMING SOON)


    Board Members and Committee Chairs

    To be updated in January for 2024

    APA Representatives

    Division Services Office Liaison – Keith Cooke (

    Section Representative Guide

    Section Representative Guide (PDF)
    Annual Report Template (PDF)

    Section Treasurer Guide

    Section Treasurer Guide (PDF) COMING SOON
    Tax Worksheet Template (XLS) COMING SOON

    Listserv Information

    Click here for the Listserv request form.

    Finance Information

    Special Project Request Form (PDF)
    Travel Reimbursement Form (XLS)


    Who is our contact at APA Division Services?
    Keith Cooke, she can be reached at, but please email the Central Office first or cc: the Central Office.

    If I want something added to the listserv, where do I send it?
    Please submit the form under Listserv Information (above)

    If I would like to submit something to tCP, the newsletter, where should I send it?
    Please submit to the Editor: Dr. Lily Brown and cc: Assistant Editor Dr. Yigin Zhu Also, please cc: the Central Office as well.

    What are the dates of the 2024 Mid-Winter Board Meeting?
    The Board Meeting will be held after the SCP Conference  February 3-4, 2024. Details coming soon.

    If you have any questions, please email the Central Office at

    Who is your website developer? Editor?
    Brian Johnson with PageCrafter is our website developer. If you need to contact him for help with your Section Website, please email the Central Office.

    Dr. Damion Grasso is our website editor and sits on the Board of Directors. If you need to contact Dr. Grasso, please email the Central Office.  Dr. Grasso will be stepping down in January 2023 and the editor's information we will be added.

    How do I submit a request for funds from the Special Project Funds Account? When do I submit?
    The form to submit the request is under the Financial Resources Section (above)

    How do we request a sponsorship request from the Division?
    Please fill out the Request for Funds Form and send to the Central Office.

    Where can I find more information about the CE Co-Sponsorship Program?
    You can email the Central Office if you would like more information. We encourage all Sections to work with our CE Program for events for their Sections.

    How do I connect with other Section Leadership?
    You can connect via our listserv or you can refer to the Leader List attached for their names.

    How can I connect with other Divisions?
    You can refer to this web page for a listing of the divisions. Their contact information is under their Division details.

    Where can I find information and due dates for APA Convention Programming for 2021?
    You can visit the APA Webpage further details. Please keep an eye out on the Division 12 Announcement Listserv for other information from the Division Program Co-Chairs. You can also email the Central Office if you have any questions.

    How does my Treasurer set up a new bank account?
    You will need to request a letter from the Central Office before setting up your bank account.

    How can I advertise Division Membership with my Section and vice-versa?
    We want to work collaboratively with all Sections in regards to membership. The Division is setting up an email campaign where one of them will feature the Sections only. If you would not mind advertising for us, please let us know and we will send you the membership advertisement.

    Where can I find more information about the Division’s Hospitality Suite?
    In the spring, the Central Office will be emailing all Section Representatives in regards to requesting time for the Suite (if it is approved at the Mid-Winter Board Meeting). Once requests are received, the schedule will be created and send out to all Sections with events in the suite, the listserv and the Division Program. All information is also available on the Division website at this link

    Can you explain the Section Contingency Money policy?
    The Section Contingency Fund amount is voted on every year at the Mid-Winter Board Meeting.

    Sections can request getting their fund if they completed their Section Reports (both Representative and Treasurers) on time and the treasurer report balances.

    Sections must request this via email to the Central Office.