SCP Psychologists in Action!

We would like to highlight some of the extraordinary work that our members are doing. Many members are using their expertise and experience to make huge differences in the world. Here are just two examples!

In December 2022, Ukrainian psychologist Dr. Alex Lupis initiated contact with the American Psychological Association (APA), Division 12, to explore avenues of support for Ukrainian psychologists, resulting in a collaboration that involved members of the Assessment Psychology Section. Dr. David McCord, a respected member of the Section’s Leadership Board, played a pivotal role by offering Ukrainian psychologists access to the Multidimensional Behavioral Health Screen (MBHS), a groundbreaking mental health screening instrument he and his students had developed. Tailored for primary medical care settings, the MBHS, with its 29 concise items, assessed nine core dimensions of psychological dysfunction, including suicide risk. Dr. McCord worked closely with Oleg Burlachuk, General Secretary of the National Psychological Association of Ukraine (NPA), to make the MBHS digitally accessible to NPA members within just three months. Beyond providing the instrument, Dr. McCord delivered a 90-minute webinar and video introduction, making the MBHS the most frequently used depression screening tool among NPA members, exemplifying the positive impact of international collaboration in the field of psychology.

Additionally, Dr. Marc Hillbrand has been instrumental in orchestrating a comprehensive support program for the National Psychological Association of Ukraine (NPA) amid Ukraine’s ongoing mental health crisis. As the immediate past-president of APA Division 12’s Section VII, specializing in Clinical Emergencies and Crises, he was enlisted by the NPA to facilitate training for their members in dealing with mental health crises. The NPA runs a vital hotline offering psychological aid and referrals, staffed by volunteer members. Specific areas for advanced training were identified, including suicidality, bereavement, aiding individuals with missing loved ones, moral injury, treating victims of sexual victimization, military-related concerns, and more. Dr. Hillbrand, with the support of Section VII and the broader Society of Clinical Psychology under the leadership of immediate past president Dr. Kalyani Gopal, reached out to U.S. psychology experts through various channels for webinar-based training sessions using Zoom with Ukrainian interpretation for up to 100 participants. Notably, a dozen psychologists with expertise in crisis- related topics, including military veterans, have volunteered. To address the pressing need for advanced suicide risk assessment and management training, Section 6 sponsored a dozen Ukrainian psychologists in the Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk program offered by the American Association of Suicidology. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing mental health crises.

We are so proud of all of our members and want to highlight and acknowledge those who go above and beyond to provide excellent psychological assessment and treatment to all!