Substance and Alcohol Use Disorders

Who served on this project?

Thanks to all who helped bring this project to fruition.

The EST Workgroup: Chair: Lisa M. Najavits, PhD; Members: Greg Brigham, PhD and Nancy A. Piotrowski, PhD; Coordinator: Matthew Worley, BA. (Harry K. Wexler, Ph.D. also formerly served as a workgroup member; and Erika Litvin, Ph.D. also formerly served as a coordinator.)

Keitha Beamer
Monique Bowen
Rigo Brueck
Anthony Celluci
Rita Christensen
Tony Comerford
Kevin Connolly
Michael Feeley
Jeff Foote
Christopher Galloway
Stephanie Gamble
Kevin Hallgren
Bryan Heckman
Denise Hien
Carl Isenhart
Adi Jaffe
Brian Kiluk
Cynthia Kreutzer
Michael Levy
Jesse McNiel
Natasha Mendoza
Damon Mitchell
Kimber Price
George Richardson
Desiree Rozier-Hummel
Ed Rubin
Monica Skewes
Golfo Tzilos