New Approaches to Digital Mental Health




Presenter: Dr. David Mohr is a Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University and the Director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies. Dr. Mohr has won numerous awards and is a Fellow of the Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 of APA. His primary interest is developing and evaluating technology-assisted behavioral and psychological interventions. He is also interested in the relationship between stress, depression and inflammation, particularly in multiple sclerosis. Other areas of interest include development and evaluation of internet and telelcommunications assisted behavioral interventions; barriers to access to behavioral interventions; investigation of the effects of stress and depression on multiple sclerosis exacerbation and inflammation.

Overview: Dr. Mohr will describe approaches in the design and evaluation of digital mental health interventions taken by the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies.  He will describe traditional approaches to digital mental health research, and why they have failed to produce real-world implementation.  He will then describe a more recent approach, IntelliCare, which moves away from the “app for that” model to platforms that can more flexibly deploy tools to meet the needs and preferences of users.  Finally, he will discuss personal sensing approaches that harness mobile phone sensor data to understand in real time behaviors and states related to depression.


  1. Be able to describe traditional methods of digital mental health intervention
  2. Be able to describe failure points in traditional digital mental health intervention research
  3. Be able to describe at least 1 potential solution to the problems of traditional digital mental health intervention