Bipolar Disorder – Advances in Evidence-based Practice




professional-portrait-reiser-bestPresenter: Robert Reiser, Ph.D., is a cognitive behavioral therapist in private practice focusing on treatment of individuals and families with serious mental illness and a Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.  He supervises graduate clinicians in training, teaches classes in cognitive behavioral therapy, and provides workshops, consultation, and technical assistance with a goal of improving treatment of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in community mental health settings.  Dr. Reiser currently works as a consultant with the Felton Institute in San Francisco providing supervision and training for clinicians and case managers using cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBT-P), and supervises medical residents at the University of California, San Francisco in the Department of Psychiatry. Overview: Material in Webinar developed based on extensive literature review prepared for our second edition Bipolar Disorder, Advances in Evidence-based Practice as part of the Division 12, Society of Clinical Psychology’s Hogrefe Series.  First edition sold over 4,500 copies and was translated into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish languages.  Literature review was conducted by main author, Larry Thompson and co-authors: Sheri Johnson and Trisha Suppes, well established researches in the field of bipolar disorder.  Main author conducted multi-year research study on CBT with bipolar disorder involving over 100 patients.  Multiple seminars/workshops provided on Bipolar Disorder, including ABCT and University of California, Berkeley. Objectives: (1) Summarize key evidence-based approaches to the treatment of bipolar disorder; (2) Identify 3 key strategies for assisting patients in stabilizing their mood; (3) Recognize common problems encountered in the treatment of bipolar disorder.