Website Links

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (

  • Original Oxford EBM group founded by Dave Sackett who founded the EBM movement in medicine
  • Goal is to develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care through conferences, workshops and EBM tools so that all health care professionals can maintain the highest standards of medicine.

McMaster Group Resources (

  • McMaster group for EMB headed by Gordon Guyatt who coined the term EBM
  • Offers resources to develop an EBM approach for different health care fields organizes a workshop each year so that professionals can learn how to incoporate EBP into their training program

Evidence-Based Practice Wikipedia

  • General overview of evidence-based practice
  • Provides a concise summary of the history and principles behind the evidence-based practice movement, as well as a selection of links to other relevant websites

Effective Child Therapy: Evidence-based mental health treatment for children and adolescents

  • Overview of evidence-based treatments, organized for providers and families
  • A curated website providing concise reviews of the state of evidence for particular clinical issues, as well as links to resources and further information

Evidence-Based Practice: An Interprofessional Tutorial

  • EBP tutorial
  • A brief set of tutorials to help orient to EBP, introduce key concepts, and learn skills

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice: A Tutorial

  • EBP tutorial
  • A brief set of tutorials to help orient to EBP, introduce key concepts, and learn skills

Society of Clinical Psychology Website on Research-Supported Psychological Treatments

  • Website on Research-Supported Psychological Treatments
  • The purpose of this website is to provide information about effective treatments for psychological disorders.  Basic descriptions are provided for each psychological disorder and treatment. In addition, for each treatment, the website lists key references, clinical resources, and training opportunities.

The Therapy  Advisor: Promoting Scientifically-Based Psychotherapy

  • Provides a summary of evidence-based assessment and treatment for a variety of providers and for families
  • TherapyAdvisor seeks to encourage and promote empirically-based or evidence-based practice by providing information on the psychosocial treatments which have empirical support for the treatment of specific disorders. Practitioner members have additional access to detailed information on each treatment including expert treatment summaries, key and recent references selected by experts, and links to treatment manuals, training materials, and training institutes available for each treatment.

Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology: Division 53

  • Division 53 and FIU will be providing a recorded speaker series on EBTs for children/adolescents
  • Resources range from brief introductions and overviews to detailed workshops teaching core skills and strategies