Member Spotlight: Sheehan Fisher, PhD

Sheehan Fisher, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University, where he was recently appointed Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in the Graduate School. His research and clinical interests center on understanding mothers and father’s unique contributions to the family and child health. His specific focus has been on mood disorders in mothers and fathers during the perinatal period, and on understanding the effects of stress on parent’s mood, parenting, and ultimately infant’s health outcomes. More recently he has launched the #RediscoverFatherhood initiative. He notes that the roles of fathers have evolved since the industrial revolution, and that “now fathers are making a comeback and trying to rediscover their important role in the childrearing.” Through this initiative Dr. Fisher is endeavoring to change the definition and image of being an involved, exemplary father. As he states, “We are in a new era of fatherhood. But it is not so new.”

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