Job Mentorship Resource


A job mentorship resource has been co-developed by the Society for the Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS) to support graduate students, post-doctoral and early career members. The program is designed to connect students and early career professionals with established psychological scientists working in a variety of clinical and/or research settings. The searchable database allows users to search by employment setting, activity, populations served, clinical problem area, and research interest. After choosing the search criteria the database presents a list of potential mentors, providing their name, email, phone number, job title, institution, and degree. Clicking on their name will provide further information about employment activities. Users are advised to consider choosing one to five questions to ask the mentor so that he or she can make an informed response. A number of potential questions are suggested (e.g., What experiences have you had that you think have been most important to leading you to where you are today? How could I learn more about this type of work? What are the things you like most and least about working in this position?).

Established clinical and/or research psychologists interested in being listed as a potential mentor on the site are encouraged to provide some information HERE.

Questions and/or suggestions can be made by contacting Bethany Teachman (general program and mentor-related questions/suggestions) and Yvonne Asher (student/mentee-related questions/suggestions).