CP:SP Opt In Announcement



The Division 12 Journal, Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice will be changing its access policy in January 2016. Historically the Journal has been dispersed via Hard Copy (i.e., paper copy) and Members could opt for online-access if they wished to do so when they initially join and/or renewed their Division 12 membership.  Starting January 1, 2016, the Journal will be offered online-only (i.e., electronic access) with the need to opt-in for Hard Copy if desired.  This means that if you are receiving Hard Copy and wish to continue to receive Hard Copy, you will need to opt-in for that resource at the link below.  Everyone else will be switched to online-only access (or continue with online-only if you were already receiving the Journal that way).  Remember, online/electronic access is a great resource. Members will be able to download the pdf version and it saves the Division costly printing.  If you are a Hard Copy Recipient, please consider online-only.  If you have any questions, please contact Tara Craighead at Central Officer, division12apa@gmail.com.

If you wish to opt-in for Hard Copy Delivery beginning in January 2016, please go to:

Opt-in For Hard Copy Delivery