The most downloaded CPSP article was “Unsolvable Fear, Trauma, and Psychopathology: Theory, Research, and Clinical Considerations Related to Disorganized Attachment Across the Life Span,” by Jude Cassidy and Jonathan J. Mohr with 1,462 downloads.
Please find below a list of the top 25 downloaded articles in 2009. Articles in bold were promoted in marketing campaigns.
Accesses –1,462
Title  – Unsolvable Fear, Trauma, and Psychopathology: Theory, Research, and Clinical Considerations Related to Disorganized Attachment Across the Life Span
Author (s)  -Jude Cassidy, Jonathan J. Mohr
Accesses –1,260
Title  – Mindfulness Training as a Clinical Intervention: A Conceptual and Empirical Review
Author (s)  – Ruth A. Baer
Accesses –1,174
Title  – Understanding the Relation Between Obesity and Depression: Causal Mechanisms and Implications for Treatment
Author (s)  – Sarah Markowitz, Michael A. Friedman, Shawn M. Arent            
Accesses –1,010
Title  – Exercise Interventions for Mental Health: A Quantitative and Qualitative Review
Author (s)  – Georgia Stathopoulou, Mark B. Powers, Angela C. Berry, Jasper A. J. Smits, Michael W. Otto             
Accesses –952
Title  – Psychologist Impairment: What Is It, How Can It Be Prevented, and What Can Be Done to Address It?
Author (s)  – Penni L. Smith, Shannon Burton Moss         
Accesses –917
Title  – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: Different Treatments, Similar Mechanisms?
Author (s)  – Joanna J. Arch, Michelle G. Craske              
Accesses –897
Title  – Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Context: Past, Present, and Future
Author (s)  – Jon Kabat-Zinn
Accesses –768
Title  – Psychological Science and Bipolar Disorder
Author (s)  – Eric A. Youngstrom, Philip C. Kendall          
Accesses –764
Title  – Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression: Returning to Contextual Roots            
Author (s)  – Neil S. Jacobson, Christopher R. Martell, Sona Dimidjian 
Accesses –761
Title  – Creating a Culture of Self-Care
Author (s)  – Jeffrey E. Barnett, Natalie Cooper
Accesses –673
Title  – Mindfulness: A Proposed Operational Definition
Author (s)  – Scott R. Bishop, Mark Lau, Shauna Shapiro, Linda Carlson, Nicole D. Anderson, James Carmody, Zindel V. Segal, Susan Abbey, Michael Speca, Drew Velting, Gerald Devins      
Accesses –628
Title  – Psychiatric Nosology Is Ready for a Paradigm Shift in DSM-V
Author (s)  – Jack D. Maser, Sonya B. Norman, Sidney Zisook, Ian P. Everall, Murray B. Stein, Pamela J. Schettler, Lewis L. Judd
Accesses –613
Title  – The Paradox of Self-Stigma and Mental Illness
Author (s)  – Patrick W. Corrigan, Amy C. Watson           
Accesses –613
Title  – Let’s Face Facts: Common Factors Are More Potent Than Specific Therapy Ingredients
Author (s)  – Stanley B. Messer, Bruce E. Wampold
Accesses –604
Title  – Assessment of Childhood Bipolar Disorder
Author (s)  – Benjamin W. Fields, Mary A. Fristad            
Accesses –602
Title  – Climbing Our Hills: A Beginning Conversation on the Comparison of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Author (s)  – Steven C. Hayes
Accesses –601
Title  – Expanding Our Conceptualization of and Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Integrating Mindfulness/Acceptance-Based Approaches With Existing Cognitive-Behavioral Models
Author (s)  – Lizabeth Roemer, Susan M. Orsillo              
Accesses –589
Title  – Social and Familial Factors in the Course of Bipolar Disorder: Basic Processes and Relevant Interventions
Author (s)  – David J. Miklowitz, Boulder Sheri L. Johnson             
Accesses –526
Title  – Recent Developments in the Epidemiology of Bipolar Disorder in Adults and Children: Magnitude, Correlates, and Future Directions
Author (s)  – Kathleen R. Merikangas, Michael Pato        
Accesses –518
Title  – Assessment Tools for Adult Bipolar Disorder
Author (s)  – Christopher J. Miller, Sheri L. Johnson, Lori Eisner
Accesses –516
Title  – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: New Wave or Morita Therapy?
Author (s)  – Stefan G. Hofmann
Accesses –493
Title  – Socioemotional Functioning in Bipolar Disorder Versus Typical Development: Behavioral and Neural Differences     
Author (s)  – Erin B. McClure-Tone
Accesses –488
Title  – Definitional Issues in Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle
Author (s)  – Eric A. Youngstrom
Accesses –486
Title  – Mental Health Stigma as Social Attribution: Implications for Research Methods and Attitude Change
Author (s)  – Patrick W. Corrigan