Marion Rollings, Ph.D.


I am a Solution Focused Psychologist providing counseling and psychotherapy to adults, children, couples, and families. My approach to therapy is holistic and collaborative, supportive and interactive. Humans are social, psychological, physical, and emotional beings-I consider all of those aspects as essential to the long term relief and resolution of mental, emotional, and relationship issues.

Using a multi-dimensional approach, my goal is to provide the individual, couple, or family with the insight and the tools necessary to alleviate the presenting problems while gaining an understanding of their cause. In this way, old patterns are recognized and broken, learning from past mistakes is attained, and clarity with positive and enhanced communication is achieved. Treatment goals are developed collaboratively, and initially emotional and relationship stability are primary goals of therapy.

I treat a wide range of problems and mental disorders. Several areas of specialization include Eating Disorders, from which I recovered myself,  anxiety disorders, grief and bereavement, and more. Please feel free to give me a call or or send me an email so we may discuss how I may best assist you in resolving the issues that have caused you to seek therapy. Please visit my website to schedule an appointment or initial phone consultation.