Joel Minden, PhD


I provide cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for individuals with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, client-centered counseling, and sport psychology consulting for athletes and performing artists.

CBT is an evidence-based treatment offered in the context of a collaborative, supportive, and nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship. For some problems, CBT is an effective alternative to medication. It may also be combined with medical treatment to manage psychological symptoms. Research has demonstrated that CBT is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, chronic pain, sleeping problems, anger, eating disordered behavior, depression, and general stress.

One of the goals of CBT is to help clients become skilled at examining their beliefs and attitudes that lead to emotional and behavioral problems. Through experience and over time, patterns of negative thinking can become automatic and difficult to notice. CBT is a short-term, solution-oriented approach designed to help people identify, challenge, and change unrealistic ways of thinking.

CBT is not “the power of positive thinking.” Most of us recognize that thinking good thoughts is not always helpful, particularly if we try to convince ourselves that good things will happen and they don’t. In addition, CBT is not designed for you to take on the values of your therapist. Instead, CBT is systematic and structured. Sessions are collaborative and nonjudgmental. The focus is on systematically helping you make cognitive and lifestyle choices that prepare you for life satisfaction and fulfillment.