Anna Van Meter, PhD

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist who is committed to the evidence-based practice of psychology. I believe that the best outcomes come from integrating¬†research evidence on the most effective treatments with my clients’ values and preferences, and my own clinical expertise. I have extensive experience working both with youth and adults who experience distress related to their moods and anxiety. I am trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), in addition to other cognitive and behavioral techniques, that can be very helpful for clients striving to better regulate their emotions and maintain more stable moods. I also enjoy helping parents and their children learn to reduce mood swings and temper tantrums. Additionally, I maintain an active program of research in bipolar spectrum disorders and offer gold standard assessment for both bipolar and unipolar mood disorders in youth and adults. I offer a sliding scale for fees, and I am happy to speak by phone to answer any questions, in order to figure out whether I would be a good fit for your needs!