Juan (alcohol use disorder)

Case Study Details

Juan is a 34-year old Mexican-American construction worker. He reports having to work in extreme heat during interstate road repair and notes that his use of alcohol is comparable to others at the work-site. During a typical 10-hour workday, he may drink up to 8 cold beers to deal with the heat. He does not believe that it affects his work productivity in any way but admits that he has experienced a couple of minor injuries while under the influence. When he began this work a few years back, he recalls not drinking as much. Over time, he has increased his alcohol use and even requires it when returning home. He reports being a family man and had never had alcohol around his family until that time. He explains that his job is tiring and he has no energy left to engage with his children or wife when at home. He also admits to not being able to remember much of his off days because of his drinking. Before this job, he states that he remembers spending time with his three little girls and sometimes finds himself missing those times. He says that when he tries to cut back drinking during special events or during Lent, he finds that he is irritable and craves alcohol. He eventually returns to drinking a similar amount or more. His wife and he argue about how much of his paycheck is going to buying beers instead of their credit card bills and how he is too drunk to spend time with her or the kids. He believes that if he wanted to he could probably cut back.


  • Alcohol Use
  • Irritability
  • Loss of Interest
  • Risky Behaviors
  • Substance Abuse

Diagnoses and Related Treatments

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