Assistance to Ukrainian psychologists

TCP Vol. 76, Issue 1. Section VII by Marc Hillbrand, Ph.D.

Section 7 of the Society of Clinical Psychology has become involved in providing assistance to Ukrainian psychologists regarding the management of the current mental health crisis in Ukraine. Alex Lupis, Ph.D., a Washington-area psychologist contacted Section 7. He is a US psychologist of Ukrainian descent who has been assisting the Ukrainian Psychological Association in identifying experts willing to provide trainings to Ukrainian psychologists. With the strong support of the executive committee of SCP, Section 7 has identified a number of speakers willing to give talks on a zoom platform to Ukrainian psychologists. US psychologist are following in the footsteps of European psychologists who have provided such trainings to their Ukrainian colleagues in the past year. The topics that have been identified by Ukrainian psychologists as areas in which they are in need of advanced training include the following.

  • Suicidality.
  • Bereavement.
  • Helping people whose loved ones are missing.
  • Moral injury.
  • Treating victims of sexual victimization.
  • Fear of death in the military.
  • Fear of military deployment.
  • Treating victims of torture.

The first training is scheduled for the beginning of next year on the topic of moral injury. Of greatest need at the present time are experts on these topics willing to give a one-hour zoom presentation to Ukrainian psychologists. The Ukrainian Psychological Association uses a zoom platform that accommodates an audience of 100 with simultaneous translation. SCP members who are interested in joining this initiative can contact Section 7, Dr. Mark Hillbrand.