A Hearty Farewell to Lynn Peterson

Lynn Peterson has been the “heartbeat” of the Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 of APA, for 20 years. She has contributed in immeasurable ways to the success of the Society including the management of the “central office”, the transfer of the publisher of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, help establishing the Division website and most of our online services, and the organization of meetings at APA as well as Board and Committee meetings. Most importantly, she has completed all these tasks in a friendly and cordial way, punctuated with her familiar laugh and pleasant smile. We watched her do this while being an enormously successful wife and mother of three boys whom we have watched grow up, attend college, and become young men with families—we know of many soccer games, swim meets, and three weddings! We will miss her as the person managing our efficient central office, and we wish her well in the next chapter in her life, retirement from Division 12. Thank you Lynn!