DIAGNOSIS: Gambling Disorder
TREATMENT: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Gambling Disorder

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Brief Summary

  • Basic premise: Cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) involves increasing an individual’s awareness about the thoughts and situations that lead them to gamble. Correspondingly, individuals will develop new ways of thinking about gambling and values-based alternatives to gambling.
  • Length: The average length of treatment is about 8 weekly sessions.

Treatment Resources

Editors: Rory A. Pfund, PhD; Meredith K. Ginley, PhD; James P. Whelan, PhD

Note: The resources provided below are intended to supplement not replace foundational training in mental health treatment and evidence-based practice

Treatment Manuals / Outlines

Treatment Manuals
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Self-help Books

Important Note: The books listed above are based on empirically-supported in-person treatments. They have not necessarily been evaluated empirically either by themselves or in conjunction with in-person treatment. We list them as a resource for clinicians who assign them as an adjunct to conducting in-person treatment.

Smartphone Apps

There are several CBT-based smartphone applications available. However, many of these applications have not been empirically tested (McCurdy et al., 2023). The apps with the most empirical support and that are grounded in CBT principles are listed below:

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